With the team in what some are calling the worst four game stretch of the Arsene Wenger era, the manager is desperately searching for answers. Unfortunately for him and fans, the player that is arguably the solution to the problem, Jack Wilshere, is still sidelined with injury. In his news conference before the North London Derby, Wenger said that Wilshere is still a while off a return.

He is doing well but we think three to four weeks.

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In recent weeks, Arsenal’s midfield pivot has been under major criticism. The underperforming Welshman, Aaron Ramsey, has currently staked his claim on the position. He took over the position after Wenger lost Santi Cazorla to injury. Ramsey came into the centre of the team, his favoured position, to partner Francis Coquelin and later Mathieu Flamini, after Coquelin was lost to injury. Ramsey’s struggles have been well documented and he is often picked out as a scapegoat for the teams performances by the fans. His lack of defensive responsibility and poor first touch have been specific points of criticism. His poor play has had fans clamouring for a solution, but quite frankly, Wenger does not have a suitable one available. This may be down to lack of transfer activity in the January window, but that is another topic. In truth, the perfect replacement for the out of form Welshman is Jack Wilshere.

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The England international is the perfect player for the pivot role. His ability to drive the team forward is similar to Ramsey’s but his defensive responsibility is similar to that of Cazorla’s, thus making him the perfect replacement. Jack has proved in the England team that he can play the deep-lying playmaker role, thriving in that position when given the chance. If partnered with Coquelin, the ex-Bolton Wanderers loanee would thrive. Together, the two would give the team the defensive stability and balance needed to allow for the creative players to do what they do best. The major difference would be that Wilshere could provide the ball to Arsenal’s most dangerous player, Mesut Ozil, in much better positions. One criticism of Ramsey, is he too often looks to be on the end of Ozil’s masterful passes instead of attempting to set up the masterful German in the key areas. Wilshere embodies the perfect balance of a driving force from the midfield, defensive responsibility, and the ability to control and spread the ball to our playmakers feet. Nevertheless, with more than a month left on the sidelines, Wenger must hope for a change in the form of Ramsey, otherwise, it may be a long month for him, the team, and the fans.