During football season, players are all about work and no play. They train vigorously to be in top form when it is time to shine. So, it is only natural that they would want to spend their free time in something other than practice. Here are some of the top choices for activities when footballers have some free time.


Some players utilize their free time to take courses that will help them achieve their life goals. Many players start businesses or charitable organizations during their careers or after they have retired. These extra classes help them to stay at the top of their desired crafts when football is no longer their primary goal.

Casino Games

Casino games are a favourite of many football players. There are different reasons for their enjoyment, which range from the skills required to play to the sheer excitement of placing a well-calculated wager. For example, Gerard Piqué, one of the world’s most famous footballers, is well known for his love of poker. But why poker? Besides being a fun way to pass the time, football and poker have a lot of similarities that make the game attractive to him (and other professional footballers). In both, you need need to be able to adapt to every situation, assess risk, and make informed decisions. Plus, developing these skills off the field can help footballers on the field, too.


Volunteering is a favourite for many footballers during the off-season. The constant interaction players have with the community has an inspiring influence on a player’s life. Interacting with the community and volunteering in their free time is like second nature for many players. Some players volunteer their time coaching the next generation of football players while others spend this time helping out different organizations in their home communities.

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Playing Video Games

Video games have quickly taken over as one of the favourite pastimes for many people. Football players are no exception. With new platforms making video games into a competitive sport, it is the perfect way for players to keep their competitive edge even when they are not on the football field.


Sports and music are a natural fit. Many athletes say they enjoy listening to music while running through their daily workouts. So, it is no wonder that another favourite pastime for footballers is music. This includes both playing and listening to music. Some players find that playing an instrument allows them to focus their energy on something creative while allowing them the needed break from sports. For example, retired footballer Nolberto Solano is an excellent trumpet player. He has taken his passion and started a Salsa band to express his love of the instrument as well as the music.

Keeping in Shape

It should be no surprise that football players enjoy a vigorous workout. What may come as a surprise, though is that the majority of players like to include a workout routine into their daily activities. This includes during the off-season. It makes sense, though, since they need to keep in top physical form for the rigorous routines they partake in during football season. Though many of these routines are nothing compared to their workouts during practice, they keep the body and mind ready for what is to come.


While players get to travel to amazing places during the season for games, they do not often get to enjoy the locations they visit. They might sneak in a few sights while they are waiting for their next game, but they don’t get to enjoy the real feel of a city. That is why many players like to revisit cities they have travelled to during the off-season when they are on break. During this time, they get to enjoy the true feeling of the locations they are visiting, and they can explore sights that might have been previously off-limits.

Like everyone else, football players like to spend their free time enjoying all that life has to offer. From volunteering to playing instruments, footballers have a wide range of interests they like to pursue off the field.