Arsenal were one of the biggest mysteries in the Premier League heading into this season.

With Arsene Wenger departing, every football fan up and down the country would have been intrigued to see how Arsenal were going to respond.

The Gunners could have easily fallen away from the rest, similarly to how Manchester United struggled immediately after Sir Alex Ferguson retired.

But Arsenal have responded to Wenger leaving well. Even after periods of poor form, they have had a solid season.

Despite just missing out on Champions League qualification by one point to North London rivals Tottenham, they have a huge opportunity to make it into the competition when they face Chelsea in the Europa League final later this month.

This final gives Arsenal a great chance to secure a place in Europe’s biggest competition, which will be a huge boost to them heading into the summer.

Here I will pick out the 10 big questions that Arsenal need to answer ahead of next season.