Experience one of the most pivotal and dramatic moments in football as told by the history makers themselves. 89 releases on Blu-ray™, DVD and Digital Download on Monday 20 November.


Anfield 1989. For the first time in a century the final game of the season pitted the top two teams against each other for an intense sporting duel watched by millions. The league title was the prize and the entire season hinged on how the very last seconds played out. Arsenal were unfancied and unfashionable compared to the mighty Liverpool. The odds were stacked against them.

With unprecedented access to the protagonists Lee Dixon, George Graham, Tony Adams and Michael Thomas and contributions from avid fans Dermot O’Leary, Nick Hornby and Alan Davies89 is a nostalgic, emotional tribute to one of the most compelling football finales of all time.

Directed by Dave Stewart (The Humans Face, Origins of Us) and executive produced by former Arsenal right-back Lee Dixon and football correspondent Amy Lawrence,89 is a universal tale of a band of brothers whose camaraderie has lasted long after the trophy was lifted.

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Lee Dixon comments:

It stands alone as the best moment I ever experienced in football. A unique time in football history threw up an unimaginable finale. To this day people talk about where they were when it happened. 89 is our side of one of the most dramatic and emotionally charged nights in football, told from our vantage point inside the dressing room and on the pitch.

Set against the culture, style and music background of the 1980s, 89 mixes archive and unseen footage from games at the time. Packed with revealing interviews, insights and memories from the original squad, game officials, fans and the people there that night, it’s the definitive account of a watershed moment in football and a must-watch for any sports fan.

89 releases on Blu-ray, DVD and on Digital Download from 20 November from; available to pre-order now from (http://amzn.to/2xmh9bG)