Alexis Sanchez has finally spoken after his failed move to Manchester City during the summer transfer window by posting a message to the Arsenal fans on his social media page.

Alexis Sanchez has posted two images on his Instagram post with the caption “Back Home” and “FOCUS” accompanied by the traditional red and white colours of Arsenal.

Also a very important part of the caption is the two football emojis before and after the word ‘focus’. This can be interpreted as his focus is on football for the Arsenal and he will fight for the club, which is emphasized further with the bicep emoji at the end of the caption


The first image of the post is of Alexis pointing to the sky with his number 7 showing in his Arsenal kit, whilst other players are out of focus and out of color.

The second image is of Sanchez interacting with fans after his FA cup final victory. In the photo he is reaching out to fans to shake their hands, whilst the fans enthusiastically try to reach out to him too.


This post comes after the controversy and speculation of whether Alexis Sanchez will be committed to player for the Gunners, and whether he wants to be at the club.

Fans should take encouragement from this post as it displays signs that Sanchez genuinely cares about Arsenal and its fans, hence strategically posting images of himself in the Arsenal kit and smiling with fans.