Per Mertesacker has long been argued as the weak link in Arsenal’s defence. Despite forming a rather formidable defensive partnership with Laurent Koscielny, this only covers over some of Mertesacker’s flaws. Although his lack of pace is overstated, this trait has been exploited on the most important of occasions. Recent games against Barcelona and Chelsea provide examples of this, with the game against the Blues especially highlighting the need for a replacement. The German international was sent off in the 18th minute against the Gunners’ London rivals, due to a desperate challenge that was the result of Mertesacker’s poor positioning and lack of recovery speed.

In a worryingly increasing trend, Mertesacker finds himself bailed out by Hector Bellerin in these types of scenarios, but in a lot of cases, it costs the Gunners.

As the Premier League title slips ever further away from Arsenal it is widely agreed upon that some massive changes are needed at the club.

A new centre back should be as big a priority as a new striker or central midfielder in the summer window, and here are five men who the Gunners should consider to replace the BFG.

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